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French Macarons


French macarons are light and airy sandwich cookies, typically made with an almond flour shell and filled with buttercream or ganache. Traditionally French macarons are gluten free. Orders require a minimum of 2 dozen per flavor. $15 per dozen.

Available flavors:

pink champagne/raspberry buttercream

birthday cake/vanilla buttercream

snickerdoodle /vanilla

Strawberry/strawberry buttercream

orange/vanilla buttercream



raspberry/chocolate ganache

key lime/ vanilla buttercream

pineapple coconut/ coconut rum buttercream

Cinnamon apple/ brown sugar

peanut butter/chocolate buttercream

chocolate & hazelnut/nutella

butter rum/ biscoff spread

mint/ chocolate ganache

mint chocolate chip/ mint chocolate chip buttercream

Pistachio/ Pistachio buttercream

lavender/ honey buttercream

pretzel/ salted caramel buttercream

Maple Walnut/ Maple buttercream

Turtle (pecan)/chocolate ganache and caramel center