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Time to party!

June 23, 2015 little rock Party Uncategorized

Do you have a wannabe baker on your hands? Need a place to host a party where you don’t have to clean up and the kids are entertained for a few hours? Sweet Love has the answer!


You can rent the bakery out for a two-hour block up to 10 children, parties include the following:


Total price is $200. You can bring in any savory foods and drinks of your choice. Parties are limited to hours when we are closed. Saturday afternoons after 3 pm, Any time Sunday or Tuesday -Thursday after 5:30 p.m.

It’s a fun, sugar-filled way to celebrate the special kid in your life! (and, did we mention, you don’t have to clean up!?)



Other party options:


Rent the space for baby showers, wedding showers and such. Party does not include cupcakes or cookies to decorate. Price is $150, of that $50 goes toward desserts. Maximum capacity 30 adults (will not be room for everyone to sit).

Older kids:

For the more experienced baker, get a more hands-on lesson in cake decorating. Limited to 4 kids. Each child will decorate their own 6″ round cake. They will learn how to base ice a cake, finish ice, pipe a border and a few fondant details-including bows and simple cut outs. (Party includes cupcakes for each child to eat, but they will take their cakes home with them.) $50 per child.

Call to check availability for your next party!